Monday, October 18, 2010

Flamma Fluor P-series Question

This post is from a response to a customer request. To protect their identity the customer's information has been removed:
Dear (Customer),

The quantum yield for FPR-675 and FPI-749 is

FPR-675 : 0.10
FPI-749 : 0.04

These were measured relative to Rhodamin 6G standard (0.95) and are
approxiamately the same quantum yield as Cy5.5 and Cy7.5.

I have also attached here (to original email) the uneditied COAs which include structure. The vinyl-sulfone group is well reported to bind well to amines and thiols so it is a good probe for attaching to peptide based materials for immunoassays etc. The FI-749 (a.k.a. FR749) is excellent for seeing inside living
organisms as it operates well below the autofluorescence threshold and has
been experimentally proven in rats to show location of tumors when combined
with nanoparticles.

John Garner
Please note that due to contractual obligations we can not show unedited COA's for Flamma Fluor dyes (include molecular structure) on the website however these are available upon request and feel free to email to recieve.
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