Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flamma Fluor Attachment Moeity

The below is an email chain from a customer's question regardinig structure and attachment of flamma fluor dye. To learn more about Flamma dyes see (http://www.akinainc.com/flamma-fluor.html). The below links lead to full-text scholarly articles regarding protein attachment via the vinyl sulfone functional group. For confidentiality, the customers name is not included here.

"Quoting John Garner :

Dear (Customer),
Attached are the chemical structures for these dyes[FG-456, FR-648]. These also use a vinyl sulfone group which binds to amines and thiols depending on conditions. Below are a couple of links for how vinyl sulfone binds to proteins (the papers below are not for staining but for other purposes however the same principles apply)




Hope this helps,
John "
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