Friday, September 30, 2011

Polyvivo AK09 reverse protein emulsion

As a test for reverse emulsification (e.g. water/oil) 10% w/v Polyvivo AK09 (mPEG-PDLLA) was dissolved in dichloromethane. FITC labelled bovine serum albumin was dissolved in phosphate buffer (pH~7) at 2.5mg/ml. The AK09 solution (~5ml) was stirred at 2000RPM using a spiral stirrer and IKA lab-egg stir-driver. To the stirring solution 100 ul of the BSA-FITC solution was added and allowed to stir for 1 minute prior to stirrer removal.  The same process was done using a blank dichloromethane control. The results macroscopically are shown in the picture above. Without AK09, BSA-FITC (yellow due to FITC) is seperated from the DCM layer with AK09 however more of a homogenous mixture is maintained.   The 10% polyvivo AK09 solution was imaged under 10X fluorescence and fluorescent BSA-FITC was observed to be randomly distributed throughout the DCM (image below).
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