Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Micelle formation Polyvivo

Coumarin-6 loaded micelles <450nm

In order to investigate the process of spontaneous micelle formation around a hydrophobic drug model a series of PolyVivo block copolymers were tested for this property in a manner similar to that as tested for AK01 briefly the polymer was dissolved in DCM along with coumarin-6 (hydrophobic fluorescent dye) and disperes with 2000RPM stirring into distilled water. Of the polymers tested PolyVivo's AK-01,02,03,04,07, and 10 were able to form micelles below 450nm in size containing substantial amounts of coumarin-6 (note bright yellow color in vials in image above) while PolyVivo AK05,08,15,16,20, and 11 did not have this property.  Each block copolymer has specific properties which relate to its usefullness for any given purpose.

These formed micelles were tested via UV/Vis and their C6 content ascertained relative to the maximum solubility of native coumarin-6.  This is not meant to serve as an indication of the maximum stable solubility just the level obtained during this processing.

Sample ug/ml Solubility improvement
C6 control 0.25 0
AK01 118 472
AK02 122 489
AK03 72 287
AK04 78 311
AK07 114 455
AK10 41 162

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