Friday, November 9, 2012

Thermogel synopsis table

Table shows a synopsis of several PolySciTech thermogels based on rheological anaylsis.  Note Onset iss either G' increased above 0 or showed a sharp transition.   The maximum measured G' and G" (in pascals) is listed as well as the temperature at which this maximum occured. This generally indicates gel-firmness.

Rheology performed on AR550 (TA instruments) with 60mm 2degree cone on indicated w/v polymer in water dissolved overnight with stirring at 4C. Viscosity of solution at 0.1 (sec-1) and 5C was measured (1minute peak hold 5 second test intervals). Rheology performed by oscillating at constant 6.283 rad/s, 0.1% strain, in increments of 2.5C ranging from 5-45C with 3 minutes of temperature equilibration at each point.
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