Friday, August 9, 2013

Example UV-Vis spectra extract from GPC

The GPC system utilized at Akina, Inc. relies on UV-Vis for analysis. Often I get questions about the absorption profile of polymers such as polyesters and PEG etc. Our experience has been that detection of these polymers is easily achieved on this system by UV-Vis absorption. Attached is example of an extracted UV-Vis spectra (GPC system utilizes a PDA detector which outputs full spectra at each time point) for block copolymer mPEG-PLLA in dichloromethane mobile phase.  In this case it is PolyVivo AK60. Notably most polymers on our system comprised of PLGA/PEG/PLA do exhibit an absorption in DCM at ~235nm allowing for them to be easily detected by this method.
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