Friday, February 14, 2014


PolySciTech ( provides mPEG-PLGA-COOH endcap activated polymers as Polyvivo AI42 and AI43. Similar types of polymers have recently been used to generate mixed micelles with conjugated prodrugs of doxorubicin and gemcitabine. Read More: Liu, Dechun, Yanbin Chen, Xiaoshan Feng, Miao Deng, Gangqiang Xie, Jianguang Wang, Like Zhang, Qipeng Liu, and Pengfei Yuan. "Micellar nanoparticles loaded with gemcitabine and doxorubicin showed synergistic effect." Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 113 (2014): 158-168.

“Abstract: Gemcitabine and doxorubicin were separately chemically linked to biodegradable polymers to prepare polymer–gemcitabine and polymer–doxorubicin conjugates. Moreover, the two conjugates can self-assemble into micelles with both gemcitabine and doxorubicin. In this way, the two anticancer drugs were combined. The in vitro MTT assay with these combined drugs showed synergistic effect compared to single use of each drug.”
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