Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thermogelling glycol chitin

PolySciTech ( has thermogelling glycol chitin available (Kito-5). This biodegradable thermogel maintains a neutral pH during degradation allowing for use in sensitive areas.  Recently similar materials have been the focus of a review paper. Read more at: Kim, Jang Kyoung, Hyung Jin Kim, Jee-Young Chung, Jong-Hwan Lee, Seok-Beom Young, and Yong-Hee Kim. "Natural and synthetic biomaterials for controlled drug delivery." Archives of pharmacal research 37, no. 1 (2014): 60-68.

“Abstract: A wide variety of delivery systems have been developed and many products based on the drug delivery technology are commercially available. The development of controlled-release technologies accelerated new dosage form design by altering pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics profiles of given drugs, resulting in improved efficacy and safety. Various natural or synthetic polymers have been applied to make matrix, reservoir or implant forms due to the characteristics of polymers, especially ease of control for modifications of biocompatibility, biodegradation, porosity, charge, mechanical strength and hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity. Hydrogel is a hydrophilic, polymeric network capable of imbibing large amount of water and biological fluids. This review article introduces various applications of natural and synthetic polymer-based hydrogels from pharmaceutical, biomedical and bioengineering points of view.”
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