Monday, March 31, 2014

PolySciTech “Made in Indiana” manufacturer of the week

PolySciTech ( has been named “Made in Indiana” manufacturer of the week ( Additionally PST provides a wide array of PLGA-PEG copolymers. These types of copolymers have been the focus of a recent review article with respect to their drug delivery properties. Read more:

“Abstract: In the paper, we begin by describing polyethylene glycol–poly lactic acid-co-glycolic acid (PEG–PLGA) which was chosen as a typical model copolymer for the construction of nano-sized drug delivery systems and also the types of PEG–PLGA copolymers that were eluted. Following this we examine the structure-influenced drug delivery applications including nanoparticles, micelles and hydrogels. After that, the preparation methods for nano-sized delivery systems are presented. In addition, the drug loading mode of PEG–PLGA micelles is divided into three aspects. Finally, the drug release profiles of PEG–PLGA micelles, both in terms of their in vitro and in vivo characteristics, are represented. PEG–PLGA copolymers are very suitable for the construction of micelles as carriers for insoluble drugs. This article reviews the structure and the different structure-influenced applications of PEG–PLGA copolymers, concentrating on the application of PEG–PLGA micelles. Keywords PEG–PLGA copolymers; Structure types; Drug delivery applications; Drug loading; Drug release; Target delivery”

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