Thursday, April 24, 2014

Customer Request?

Many of the questions I receive are about customer request. This is a unique feature of working with PolySciTech which is not often encountered with other vendors. The basic idea is that a broad catalog which includes a great deal of innovative and unique research products is a benefit for a research vendor. The other guiding principle is that the best product ideas come from our customers. For this reason we offer customer request. If a customer requests us to synthesize an item that is not proprietary and seems reasonably popular we will offer customer request terms. The mechanism of which is described under term 6 in our standard terms and conditions ( but generally there is a minimum order requirement of at least 5 units of the item purchased at list price and then the item becomes a catalog item available for purchase as a stock material with no minimum order.  Feel free to contact me ( if you have an item you are looking to purchase as a customer request.
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