Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Research Product Line: 3DCellMaker

A new product line is available from PolySciTech:Akina and this one is 3DCellMaker ( 3DCellMaker is a thermogelling synthetic substrate which allows for the easy growth of cells in a 3D pattern without requiring the use of complex hanging drop, magnetism, or other techniques. The unique polymer formulation allows for 3DCellMaker to be mixed at low temperature (5-10C) with media generating a self-gelling system capable of aiding the growth of tumors and other cells into 3D shapes such as spheroids. There are two versions available. One is optimized for seeding the cells on top of the solidified gel while the other is optimized for seeding the cells in the cold-liquid gel and then warming to transition. In both cases the gel sets and allows the cells to grow in a 3D pattern over the course of 2-12 days after which time the gel is washed away. This system allows for easy generation of a more accurate representation of cancer cell modeling than tradition 2D flat plate and at a lower price than xenograft models. No specialized equipment is required for 3DCellMaker as it can generate spheroids in any conventional well-plate or other typical incubation plasticware in a typical 5% CO2/37C incubator regardless of container properties or geometric orientation. 

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