Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet PolySciTech Booth 704 at the Controlled Release Society Meeting

Representatives from PolySciTech Division of Akina, Inc. ( will be at the 42cd annual Controlled Release Society Meeting & Exposition Edinburgh, Scotland July 26-29th. Meet with us at booth 704 to learn more about our products including Block copolymers (PEG-PLGA), Reactive intermediates (PLGA-PEG-Maleimide), Modified PEGS (Folate-PEG-COOH), Speciality monomers (Allyl Lactide), linear/speciality polyesters (PLA, PLGA-glucose), Polymer visualization (PLGA-fluorescein), Modified Chitosans (Chitosan-FITC), superporous hydrogels (aquagel), as well as others (poly(NIPAM) derivatives, thermogels). New this year we are highlighting our brand new product line 3DCellMaker. 3DCellMaker is a media modifier provided in convenient pre-sterilized aliquot kits for mixing with conventional cell-growth media (e.g. DMEM with FBS supplement) in order to generate a thermogelling cell media that allows cells to grow into 3-dimensional structures in conventional plastic/glass-ware containers (well plates, petri dishes) without the need for complex equipment. Learn more at (

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