Friday, June 22, 2012

PolyVivo AK36 thermogel injectability

New product Polyvivo AK36 is an injectable thermogel* with high-longevity in-vivo due to a slowly degrading polycaprolactone block. dissolution of this material requires that it first be slurried into water at 4C then dissolved at 80C with stirring to break-down the PCL crystalline domains and subsequently chilled back to 4C overnight to equilibriate. The resultant solution (20% w/v) has thermogellation properties suitable for solidification in the body. As shown in the video the room-temperature solution can be injected through even a 27Ga needle.

NOTE: mPEG-PCL (AK036) thermogelation properties vary depending on storage time and also conditions such as warming, etc. which lead to self-crystallization of the PCL chains. This material may work as a thermogel but its performance is unreliable. If the batch you have is not thermogelling dissolve in organic solvent (DCM) and dry off quickly to reset polymer chain configuration.  

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