Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Block copolymer micellization

The below article discusses the usage of block copolymers for micellization in a very general overview. Find these polymers at www.polyvivo.com, go to the link below or to the original source for full-text for the article. (note the below article did not not necessarily use an Akina product for this research). Abstract follows:

"This article deals with recent progress including the author's work in the field of block copolymer self-assembly in solution and on solid surfaces. The synthesis methods for producing block copolymers with well-defined structures, molecular weights and composition are outlined with emphasis on ionic and controlled free radical polymerization techniques. A general overview of the preparation, characterization and theories of block copolymer micellar systems is presented. Selected examples of micelle formation in aqueous and organic medium are given for di- and triblock copolymers, as well as for block copolymers with more complex architectures. Current and potential application possibilities of block copolymer colloidal assemblies as stabilizers, flocculants, nanoreservoir in, among others, controlled delivery of bioactive agents, catalysis, latex agglomeration and stabilization of non-aqueous emulsion are also discussed."

G. Riess, Micellization of block copolymers. Progress in Polymer Science 28(7) (2003) 1107-1170.

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