Friday, June 17, 2011

Example microparticle formulation

The image shown here is a set of flourecently labeled microparticles made by dissolving a 1:1 mixture at 5% w/v of polyvivo AK-PLLA-25 and AK-PLGA-FL-1. The microparticles were made by traditional emulsion technique. This solution was pipetted into an emulsion of 0.5% PVA (mowiol 4-88) with an emulsion maintained by homogenization at ~10,000RPM for 2 minutes followed by centrifugation to collect and redisperse. Images were taken on a traditional fluorescent microscope (Olympus BX51) under FITC mode and is shown here. Due to the flourescein endcap on the AK-PLGA-FL-1 these microparticles are rendered flourescent which makes them sensitive to microscopy techniques allowing them to be tracked during experiments.

Both AK-PLGA-FL-1 and AK-PLLA-25 are available for sale on the polyvivo catalogue
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