Monday, November 21, 2011

Patents using Akina materials

There are several patents which mention the usage of PolySciTech polymers or other materials.

"Materials and Methods for Preparation of alkaline earth ferrates from alkaline earth oxides, peroxides and Nitrates"
Inventors: John Alfred Thompson, John Hen

"The subject invention concerns methods for preparing alkaline earth ferrates and the preparation of hemostatic compositions from alkaline earth ferrates. In one embodiment, the alkaline earth ferrate is strontium ferrate. In one embodiment, methods of the invention comprise heat treating mixtures of alkaline earth oxides and/or peroxides with iron oxides, such as hematite or magnetite. The subject invention also concerns hemostatic compositions produced using metallic oxides that are reacted with alkaline earth oxides and/or peroxides and the methods used to produce the hemostatic compositions."

Mentions aquagel superporous hydrogel from Akina, Inc.
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