Monday, November 21, 2011

PolyVivo Patents and former name

One former name of "Polyvivo" products is "PolyShield". There are some patents which make reference to this prior name. Generally speaking the original designation "PolyShield" only included what is today Polyvivo AK01-08.

Inventors: Stevan Nielsen, Bodo Quint, Gerd Seibold, Ib Erling Joergensen
Application number: 12/738,623
Publication number: US 2010/0305603 A1
Filing date: Oct 17, 2007
"The present disclosure relates to treatment of disorders in the heart rhythm regulation system and, more particularly, to a medical device for tissue cutting and/or migrating wherein the cutting and/or migrating is at least partly actuated by the swelling of a swellable material. The disclosure furthermore relates to a method of producing such a medical device, a kit of such medical devices, and a method for treating such disorders."

This patent references using PolyShield (Polyvivo) polymers.
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