Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to find your polymer...

Our catalogue of polymers is immense and constantly expanding. One of the features of selling polymers is that many polymers have effectively the same name and very similar chemistries but with varying block weights, etc.  Because of that our current catalogue is setup to have related polymers close to eachother so as to be able to find polymers easily.  I often recieve questions from customers about how to find polymers that match what they are looking for.  There are 2 additional online options for this:

Polymer finder: click a few buttons at the top to quickly screen the polymer types down to the ones you are interested in based on properties (solubility, reactivity, etc.) or chemistry (lactide, glycolide, PEG, etc.).
Sequential Table: Here the polymers are listed in sequence by catalog number. If you know the catalog number this is the fastest way to find the polymer of your choice.
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