Monday, August 19, 2013

us of mPEG-PLGA for Delivery of Multiple Theranostic Agents with Enhanced Antitumor Efficacy

recent publication used mPEG-PLGA block copolymers to delivery theranostic agents to tumor cells.

The rapid development of nanotechnology holds great promise for revolutionizing the current landscape of tumor drug delivery. However, one of the biggest challenges is developing a simple nanocarrier platform to co-deliver various therapeutic agents. Here, a strategy for fabricating nanocarriers with many desirable features is demonstrated. The resulting nanoparticles achieve both high antitumor efficacy and effective inhibition of tumor metastasis with minimal side effects.
Wang, Hai, Yan Wu, Ruifang Zhao, and Guangjun Nie. "Engineering the assemblies of biomaterial nanocarriers for delivery of multiple theranostic agents with enhanced antitumor efficacy." Advanced Materials (2013).
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