Friday, April 11, 2014

Gold nanoparticles for Alzheimer’s treatment

PolySciTech ( provides, along with polymer products, gold nanoparticles (e.g. Polyvivo AO40). Colloidal gold has recently been shown to be a good delivery agent for curcumin in order to prevent amyloid fibrillation as a form of treatment for alzeheimers. Read more: Palmal, Sharbari, Amit Ranjan Maity, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Sreetama Basu, Nihar R. Jana, and Nikhil R. Jana. "Inhibition of Amyloid Fibril Growth and Dissolution of Amyloid Fibrils by Curcumin–Gold Nanoparticles." Chemistry-A European Journal (2014).

“Abstract: Inhibition of amyloid fibrillation and clearance of amyloid fibrils/plaques are essential for the prevention and treatment of various neurodegenerative disorders involving protein aggregation. Herein, we report curcumin-functionalized gold nanoparticles (Au-curcumin) of hydrodynamic diameter 10–25 nm, which serve to inhibit amyloid fibrillation and disintegrate/dissolve amyloid fibrils. In nanoparticle form, curcumin is water-soluble and can efficiently interact with amyloid protein/peptide, offering enhanced performance in inhibiting amyloid fibrillation and dissolving amyloid fibrils. Our results imply that nanoparticle-based artificial molecular chaperones may offer a promising therapeutic approach to combat neurodegenerative disease. Keywords: amyloid beta-peptides;amyloid fibrils;curcumin;fibril dissolution;gold nanoparticles;neurochemistry”
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