Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hydrogel drug delivery systems

PolySciTech ( provides a wide array of biodegradable block copolymers which are useful for hydrogel delivery systems. A recent review article highlights the usage of these and other polymers for this application. Read more: Toh, Wei Seong, and Xian Jun Loh. "Advances in Hydrogel Delivery Systems for Tissue Regeneration." Materials Science and Engineering: C (2014).

Abstract: Hydrogels are natural or synthetic polymer networks that have high water-absorbing capacity and closely mimic native extracellular matrices. As hydrogel-based cell delivery systems are being increasingly employed in regenerative medicine, several advances have been made in the hydrogel chemistry and modification for enhanced control of cell fate and functions, and modulation of cell and tissue responses against oxidative stress and inflammation in the tissue environment. This review aims to provide the state-of-the-art overview of the recent advances in field, discusses new perspectives and challenges in the regeneration of specific tissues, and highlights some of the limitations of current systems for possible future advancements. Keywords: Hydrogels; Cell delivery; Oxidative stress; Inflammation; Tissue environment”
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