Monday, June 30, 2014

PolySciTech PLGA-PEG-PLGA used for peritoneal ovarian cancer treatment

PolyScitech ( provides several PLGA-PEG-PLGA thermogelling triblock copolymers (AK12, AK19, AK88). Recently PolySciTech triblock thermogel was utilized by University of Wisconsin to deliver paclitaxel, 17-AAG, and rapamycin simultaneously in a controlled manner after injection to form a gel depot.  In mouse model this lead to reduced tumor volume and improved survival times. Read more: Cho, Hyunah, and Glen S. Kwon. "Thermosensitive poly-(d, l-lactide-co-glycolide)-block-poly (ethylene glycol)-block-poly-(d, l-lactide-co-glycolide) hydrogels for multi-drug delivery." Journal of Drug Targeting 0 (2014): 1-9.

“Abstract: A current treatment strategy for peritoneal ovarian cancer is a combination of peritoneal surgery and multi-drug-based chemotherapy that often involves intraperitoneal (IP) injection. A thermosensitive poly-(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide)-block-poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly-(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA-b-PEG-b-PLGA) hydrogel platform (thermogels) enabled gel loading of poorly work-soluble paclitaxel (cytotoxic agent), 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin (17-AAG, heat shock protein inhibitor), and rapamycin (mammalian target of rapamycin protein inhibitor). PLGA-b-PEG-b-PLGA thermogels (15%) carrying paclitaxel, 17-AAG, and rapamycin (named Triogel) made a successful transition from a free-flowing solution below ambient temperature to a gel depot at body temperature. Triogel gradually released paclitaxel, 17-AAG, and rapamycin at an equal release rate in response to the physical gel erosion. In an ES-2-luc ovarian cancer xenograft model, a single IP injection of Triogel (60, 60, and 30 mg/kg of paclitaxel, 17-AAG, and rapamycin, respectively) significantly reduced tumor burden and prolonged survival of ES-2-luc-bearing nude mice without notable systemic toxicity relative to those delivered by poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(d,l-lactic acid) (PEG-b-PLA) micelles in solution via IP or intravenous (IV) injection route. These results show a great potential of a biodegradable thermogel platform carrying multi-drugs for IP chemotherapy in peritoneal ovarian cancer. Keywords: 17-AAG, multi-drug delivery, ovarian cancer, paclitaxel, PLGA-b-PEG-b-PLGA, raamycin, regel”
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