Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Special: Spooky 13% Discount on PolySciTech Polymers

PolySciTech is your source for “hard-to-find” and unique polymer products as well as a wide array of biodegradable polyesters, block copolymers, fluorescently tagged polymers, and reactive intermediates. In celebration of Halloween PolySciTech ( is offering a 13% discount on 13 select products. From October 15-31st 2014 use the discount code “SPOOKY13” to get an extra 13% off the following products. AK24 PLGA-PEG-PLGA LG 75:25 (Mn ~1,100:1,000:1,100 Da); AK25 mPEG-PLLA (Mw ~750:1,000 Da); AK28 PLCL-PEG-PLCL LA:CL 50:50  (Mw ~5,700:4,600:5,700 Da); AK31 mPEG-PDLLA (Mw ~5,000:35,000 Da); AO03 Poly(vinyl phosphonate) sodium salt (Viscosity = 50-250 cP; 1% in water at 60 RPM); AO04 Poly(sulfopropyl acrylate) (Viscosity = 10-100 cP; 1% in water at 60 RPM); AO18 Poly(vinylcaprolactone-co-methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) (95:5 VCL:mPEG); AP021 PLGA LG 85:15 acid endcap (Mn 35,000-45,000 Da) (L-lactide); AP024 PLGA LG 85:15 ester endcap  (Mn 35,000-45,000 Da); AP082 PLGA LG 50:50 acid endcap  (Mn 25,000-35,000 Da); AP040 PLGA LG 50:50 acid endcap  (Mn 15,000-25,000 Da); AP052 PLGA LG 85:15 acid endcap  (Mn 200,000-300,000 Da) (L-lactide); and AP017 PLGA LG 60:40 acid endcap  (Mn 75,000-85,000 Da).

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