Monday, November 17, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Discount

Around West Lafayette, IN where PolySciTech ( is based someone neglected to inform the weather that it is only time for fall not winter. In the spirit of this we are launching our “12 Days of Christmas Discount” early.  Starting with November 18 – January 9th, use the discount code “12DAYS” to get an additional 12% discount on the following items:  AK24 PLGA-PEG-PLGA LG 75:25 (Mn ~1,100:1,000:1,100 Da); AK25 mPEG-PLLA (Mw ~750:1,000 Da); AK28 PLCL-PEG-PLCL LA:CL 50:50  (Mw ~5,700:4,600:5,700 Da); AK31 mPEG-PDLLA (Mw ~5,000:35,000 Da); AO03 Poly(vinyl phosphonate) sodium salt (Viscosity = 50-250 cP; 1% in water at 60 RPM); AO04 Poly(sulfopropyl acrylate) (Viscosity = 10-100 cP; 1% in water at 60 RPM); AO18 Poly(vinylcaprolactone-co-methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) (95:5 VCL:mPEG); AP021 PLGA LG 85:15 acid endcap (Mn 35,000-45,000 Da) (L-lactide); AP024 PLGA LG 85:15 ester endcap  (Mn 35,000-45,000 Da); AP082 PLGA LG 50:50 acid endcap  (Mn 25,000-35,000 Da); AP040 PLGA LG 50:50 acid endcap  (Mn 15,000-25,000 Da) and AP052 PLGA LG 85:15 acid endcap  (Mn 200,000-300,000 Da) (L-lactide)

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