Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PEG-PLGA usage

The below study highlights the capabilities for PEG-PLGA to be used for drug delivery nanoparticles. Check out http://www.polyvivo.com to learn more about these types of polymers. (note the below study did not necessarily use a PolySciTech product(s)).

"PEG content from 0.5 to 20 wt %, a PEG content between 2 and 5 wt % was determined as a threshold value for optimal protein resistance. When increasing the PEG content in the nanoparticles above 5 wt % no further reduction in protein adsorption was achieved. Phagocytosis by PMN studied using chemiluminescence and zeta potential data agreed well with these findings: the same PEG surface density threshold was found to ensure simultaneously efficient steric stabilization and to avoid the uptake by PMN cells. Supposing all the PEG chains migrate to the surface, this would correspond to a distance of about 1.5 nm between two terminally attached PEG chains in the covering ‘brush’. Particles from PEG5K-PLA45K, PEG5K-PLGA45K and PEG5K-PCL45K copolymers enabled to study the influence of the core on plasma protein adsorption, all other parameters (corona thickness and density) being kept constant. Adsorption patterns were in good qualitative agreement with each other. Only a few protein species were exclusively present just on one type of nanoparticle. However, the extent of proteins adsorbed differed in a large extent from one particle to another. In vivo studies could help elucidating the role of the type and amount of proteins adsorbed on the fate of the nanoparticles after intraveinous administration, as a function of the nature of their core. These results could be useful in the design of long circulating intravenously injectable biodegradable drug carriers endowed with protein resistant properties and low phagocytic uptake. "

R. Gref, M. Lück, P. Quellec, M. Marchand, E. Dellacherie, S. Harnisch, T. Blunk, R.H. Müller, [`]Stealth' corona-core nanoparticles surface modified by polyethylene glycol (PEG): influences of the corona (PEG chain length and surface density) and of the core composition on phagocytic uptake and plasma protein adsorption. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 18(3-4) (2000) 301-313.
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