Monday, June 9, 2014

PLA/PLGA amine endcap for use in synthesizing peptide block copolymers

PolySciTech ( provides a wide variety of amine endcapped PLGA/PLA polymers.  These polymers have a wide variety of uses including their application towards synthesizing PLGA-b-poly(peptides) this application is discussed in a recent review article. Read more here: Morell, Mireia, and Jordi PuiggalĂ­. "Hybrid block copolymers constituted by peptides and synthetic polymers: An overview of synthetic approaches, supramolecular behavior and potential applications." Polymers 5, no. 1 (2013): 188-224. Full-Text available here:

“Abstract: Hybrid block copolymers based on peptides and synthetic polymers, displaying different types of topologies, offer new possibilities to integrate the properties and functions of biomacromolecules and synthetic polymers in a single hybrid material. This review provides a current status report of the field concerning peptide-synthetic polymer hybrids. The first section is focused on the different synthetic approaches that have been used within the last three years for the preparation of peptide-polymer hybrids having different topologies. In the last two sections, the attractive properties, displayed in solution or in the solid state, together with the potential applications of this type of macromolecules or supramolecular systems are highlighted. Keywords: hybrid materials; peptide; synthetic polymer; supramolecular structure; synthesis; biomedical applications“
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